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The Fersk of its kind

We know that sourcing and managing your corporate travel programs is a juggling act, but it doesn’t have to be. Our simple tools do the multi-tasking for you to help you easily and seamlessly manage all the variables at once.

Business Travel Management Platform

Take charge of your hotel program with FerskAudit! Our audit tool allows you to audit contracted rates, negotiated amenities, and cancellation policies on your own terms. 

With FerskAudit, you have the flexibility to run one-time hotel audits when needed and schedule recurring hotel audits to ensure your rates are loaded consistently throughout the year. 

Instead of tedious audit spreadsheets, our tool has an interactive dashboard that shows you what types of errors are found, statistics broken down by hotel chain and market, all properties that require action, and historical data on your audit results. 

FerskAudit is an auditing solution that makes it easy to increase traveler satisfaction, capitalize on potential savings, and improve program efficiency overall.

In the works

We have some exciting new developments on the horizon. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

Fersk Program Management Suite

Our all-in-one travel sourcing solution lets you easily manage all your entire program on one platform featuring…

Fersk Airline Audit

This tool helps ensure your Air Program is running with negotiated discounts in place, helps you communicate with suppliers, run audit reports, and view dashboard analytics.

Fersk Car Audit

Review, report and communicate with preferred car suppliers to ensure your travelers are receiving their negotiated rates through your corporate program.

Fersk Contracting

Source, negotiate and manage your travel programs with this all-in-one tool.

Fersk Analytics

Access travel, expense, and credit card data in one place to see the entire picture of your travel program.

Fersk Search

Search and manage supplier contacts for air, car, hotel and more.